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  • Your wealth in a global village

    Your wealth in a global village

    With technology, globalisation and integrated economies, the entire world has become a global village. Facilitating your ability as an investor to move effortlessly between your home country and where your wealth is tied is what we do best. We will expertly and skilfully guide you through your application for dual citizenship, permanent residence and other related immigration solutions best suited to your needs.

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Our local office presence guarantees that your case is treated with the utmost care and efficiency. Our skilled legal team handles the entire immigration process for you – all you need do is contact us.

Investor visas are classes of ifat visas that are reserved for foreign entrepreneurs and investors who will be coming to the country in order to establish a business in that country or to invest into one of the country’s industries. Some types of investor visas actually lead to permanent residence and eventual citizenship in the country, provided that the investor complies with all necessary requirements of that country’s laws.

The rules and regulations for obtaining and holding an investor visa vary greatly from country to country. It is very important to know the country’s applicable laws in order to maximize the possibility of receiving an investor visa. This is where Bukh Global Partners can play an invaluable role in assisting foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in investing on the international level. The local presence of our law firm allows for each and every client to receive consistent personal attention and direct assistance throughout the entire investor visa process.

Contact our office today to speak to a skilled professional about the investment-based immigration process for your country of choice.

Business immigration refers to the multitude of opportunities for entrepreneurs to travel to a foreign country in order to establish and run a successful business. There are several advantages to business-based immigration which include increased access to specialized foreign markets, unrivaled opportunities to expand market presence in different countries and reach additional customers, and business-friendly foreign tax policies that allow entrepreneurs to keep their profits. Moreover, all business-based visas allow the businessperson to bring their spouse and children to the foreign country with them.

Bukh Global Partners is here to serve you and assist you in opening your new business from the ground up. We provide the full spectrum of legal services, from obtaining business-based visas for you and your family, to ensuring that your business complies with the necessary requirements of the foreign country. Our local office is here to answer all of your questions, advise you on the best course of action to fit your business and immigration goals, and to provide constant personal attention to you and your case. Contact us today to begin the business immigration process.

Many nations around the world offer citizenship by investment programs which allow foreign nationals to obtain that country’s citizenship in exchange for making a qualifying investment into its economy.

There are numerous benefits to citizenship by investment programs as foreign nationals who take advantage of these programs will usually also qualify for significant tax breaks such as exemption from property, gift, inheritance, and income tax. While most nations offer these programs, every country’s investment-based citizenship program is very different and these differences are important.

For instance, some countries require that foreign nationals make a minimum investment of $3,000,000 while others only require an investment of $500,000. Some countries require the investor to physically reside in the country – other nations do not care where the investor lives. The talented financial and legal professionals at Bukh Global Partners are available to explain all of the benefits and potential pitfalls of all the citizenship by investment programs.

Our local office presence ensures that your case is handled with the utmost care and attention and we handle the entire immigration process for you. Contact us now to speak to one of our agents about your immigration and investment goals.

Permanent residence through investment allows foreign nationals to permanently reside in a second country after making an investment into its economy. (Please note that permanent residence is not the same as citizenship – permanent residents may life, work, study, and travel in the second country, but may not receive the country’s passport nor vote in its elections.) The investment-based permanent resident programs in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom have already attracted hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals who desire to relocate to these nations and pursue their business and investment interests.

Of course, as is the case with all immigration programs, each country maintains its own regulations and requirements for investment-based permanent residence. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced financial and legal professionals here at Bukh Global Partners are happy to explain the parameters of each country’s program and walk our investors through which program best fits their financial needs and goals.

Importantly, our local office presence guarantees that your case is treated with the utmost care and efficiency. Our skilled legal team handles the entire immigration process for you – all you need do is contact us.


Holding a second passport means that the individual has two nationalities and two citizenships. Typically, one of the individual’s citizenships is from the person’s country of birth. The second citizenship may be acquired in multiple ways such as through marrying someone from a foreign country or working permanently for a foreign business. Our clients obtain their second passports through investment.

Investment-based citizenship programs offer excellent opportunities for high-wealth individuals who are seeking to diversify their investments and relocate to a different country all at the same time. Just a small number of benefits that result from obtaining a second passport through investment is that the individual is often entitled to very attractive tax breaks and the individual’s family can obtain second passports as well.

Here at Bukh Global Partners, our skilled professionals are eager to answer all of your questions about obtaining a second passport through investment, to outline the benefits and disadvantages of each country’s citizenship by investment program, and to walk you through each step of the process so that you know the exact state of your application. Our local office presence ensures that your case is given the care and attention it deserves and our skilled team handles all aspects of the second passport process for you. Contact our office today to begin your journey towards obtaining a second passport.

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