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Citizenship Through Investment in Serbia (Pilot Project by Investor Visa)

Serbian flagSerbia, the landlocked nation in Central Europe is at the dawn of Renaissance. The country has seen wars, intrigue, political corruption at the highest levels and experienced devastation in unimaginable numbers.

Now, Serbia sees a dawn o renaissance as sure as the sun rises over the Balkans to the East.

It’s towering rocky peaks which divide the lush meadows is tapping into its rich heritage o f medieval castles, culture and cultural history as no other nation on earth.

And people are noticing.

Serbia’s Citizenship by Investment program is comparatively new. But its placement on the timeline has been an advantage and benefit to the individuals who are seeking a new life.

Serbia’s government has reviewed CIP of other nations. The leaders have taken what’s best, improved on what’s good and tossed out what wasn’t working.

The result is the preeminent CIP today.

With a broad array of investment possibilities, a person seeking citizenship can practically customize their citizenship plan.

Offering visa-free travel to over 130 nations, Serbia’s CIP is rapidly becoming the favored spot for relocation.


Investment Options

Investment options in Serbia’s CIP are growing — a trend which will continue as the nation moves toward full EU integration.

The Serbian government is encouraging entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders to participate. The administration has made Serbia’s program attractive by making it simple to include other individuals:

Besides the applicant, individuals eligible for CIP include:

  • Spouse
  • Children (up to age 25)
  • Parents (over age 65)

The costs range from a minimum of 100,000 EUR for the applicant and spouse to 500,000 if the investment is made through a qualified business investment.  In addition to the minimum investment requirements, there are government fees for dependent children which typically run 25,000 EUR each.

The total investment will usually total roughly 132,500 EUR for a single individual and includes:

  • Government fee
  • Due diligence
  • Attorney fee
  • Background check


 Serbia By the Numbers

Population: 7.5 million

Capital: Belgrade, population 1.5 million

Area: 29.8 square miles (77.5 square kilometers

Official language: Serbian

Religion: Orthodox, Muslim

Currency: Dinar

Life Expectancy: 74

GDP (Per Capita) $2.2 thousand (USD)

Literacy Percent: 96

Average Temperature: 36(F) in January and 72(F) in July

Average Annual Rainfall: Just over 1.5 inches a month


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