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Permanent Residence

How Can I Obtain Permanent Residence Through Investment?

Permanent residence is the legal immigration status that a country bestows on a foreign national that typically guarantees the foreign national the unrestricted rights to live, study, work, conduct business, and travel in and out of that country. Permanent residency is not the same status as citizenship, with the main differences between the two being that citizens can hold the country’s passport and can vote in the country’s elections – permanent residents cannot.

Methods for Obtaining Permanent Residence

There are several different options for foreign nationals seeking to obtain permanent residence in another country. A foreign national could marry a citizen or permanent residence of that country, and thereby qualify for residence as a foreign spouse. Or, the national may receive an offer of permanent employment from one of the country’s businesses which would qualify the national for residence as a foreign employee. Alternatively, foreign nationals fleeing terrible conditions in their home country may apply for asylum in a separate country and qualify for permanent residence.

An interested foreign national can also take advantage of one of the many permanent residence through investment programs that are offered by numerous countries around the world including the United States, Belize, Finland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Thailand, and Belgium just to name a few.

Benefits of Permanent Residence by Investment

There are multiple benefits of permanent residence through investment programs. First, all of these programs let the foreign investor bring his or her spouse and children to the country as family dependents. Second, many countries offer significant tax breaks to foreign investors, such as exemption from income tax, property tax, gift tax, and inheritance tax.

Requirements for Permanent Residence Through investment

Every country has developed specific regulations and conditions for its own permanent residence through investment program, but the following are some of the requirements that are common to the majority of programs:

1. Required Investment: To qualify for these programs, the foreign national must invest the minimum amount or more into the country’s economy. This figure varies from as little as $100,000USD (for Dominica’s program) to as much as $4,107,579USD, or 3,000,000 Euros (for Cyprus’s program).

2. Proof that the Investment Funds are Lawful: Additionally, most programs also require that the foreign investor prove to the government’s immigration authorities that the funds used to make the required investment derived from a lawful source such as the national’s employment earnings, sale of real property, savings, mortgage, etc.

3. Proof of the Foreign Investor’s Past Business or Entrepreneurial Experience: Many nations also require that the foreign national actively manage the investment and ensure the investment is contributing to the country’s economy. To qualify, the national must usually have a business background as a company executive or other demonstrable investment or entrepreneurial experience.

Disadvantages of Permanent Residence Through Investment

There are a few disadvantages to permanent residence through investment that should be considered before a foreign national begins the application process. Many countries require that their permanent residents physically reside in the country for a specific number of days out of the year in order to maintain the permanent residency status. This constraint can be difficult for some investors who wish to travel frequently in order to oversee their investments in other nations.

Additionally, some countries require the foreign national to meet additional requirements (along with the physical residency condition) before the national can apply for citizenship. For example, the United States requires foreign national to prove that their investment created at least 10 new jobs for U.S. citizens before the national can apply for citizenship.

Since there are many options available for interested foreign nationals who want to acquire permanent residence through investment, and each program has its own particular benefits and disadvantages, foreign nationals are encouraged to speak with a knowledgeable attorney who can explain and advise on these numerous programs.
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Permanent Residence

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