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Hungary’s Newest Investment-Based Immigration Options

The European country of Hungary is widely viewed as one of the best tourist locations and one of the most beautiful nations in the world. Indeed, not only does Hungary possess such natural wonders as the world’s second largest thermal lake and Europe’s largest medicinal bath and lake, but the country also has magnificent architectural structures including the third largest church in Europe, the largest synagogue in Europe, and the second largest Baroque castle in the world. All of these cultural sites, combined with delicious cuisine and a unique culture, combine to attract millions of tourists each year.

Along with its thriving tourism industry, Hungary also has a low crime rate, stable government and political atmosphere, and a peaceful population. On account of the myriad advantages offered by Hungary, foreign investors are turning to this country as a terrific opportunity for investments and relocation.

The Hungarian Investment Immigration Program (HII Program)

The HII program gives foreign investors the opportunity to obtain permanent residence by investing in Special Hungarian Government Bonds. These particular bonds have a five-year minimum maturity time period and are issued by the Hungarian Government Debt Agency. The Hungary State Special Debt Fund is the only entity that is authorized to handle the investment funds foreign entrepreneurs put into these government bonds.

To take advantage of the HII program, investors must subscribe to the Special Debt Fund’s shares and the minimum investment amount is 250,000 Euros. Importantly, the shares will be 100% redeemable after the five-year maturity time period, an aspect of the program that is particularly beneficial for investors.

To subscribe to the Special Debt Fund, interested investors must submit to the Fund a 250,000 Euros bank transfer receipt, a signed subscription agreement, a copy of the investor’s passport, and evidence of the investor’s permanent address. After the application is approved, the investor and family will acquire five-year residency permits.

Notably, perhaps the greatest benefit of the HII Program is that a mere 6 months after obtaining the residency permits, the investor and family are eligible to apply for Hungarian permanent residency.

Since foreign investors can take advantage of the HII Program fast-track to permanent residence for themselves and their families, Hungary is rapidly becoming a number one destination for foreign investment. Individuals who are interested in acquiring Hungarian residence should contact skilled attorneys who can help process the necessary applications.

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