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Enjoy Global Freedom with Vanuatu’s World Class Economic Citizenship Program

Vanuatu flagThe Republic of Vanuatu, is in the South Pacific. The archipelago country is 1,090 miles east of Austriala, 340 miles northeast from New Caledonia. Located east of New Guinea, southeast of the Solomon Islands and west of Fiji, Vanuatu was initially inhabited by the friendly Melanesian people. The first Europeans visited in 1606, by Portuguese navigator Fernades De Queiros.

Queiros claimed the island country for Spain and named it La Austrialia del Espirtu Santo.

By the 1880s, France and the United Kingdom put their signs on portions of the archipelago. In 1906, the two nations agreed on a structure to jointly manage the country as the New Hebrides. Independence broke out in the 1970s and the Republic of Vanuatu was born in 1980.

The mainstays of the country’s economy are:

  • Agriculture,
  • Tourism,
  • Offshore banking/financial services, and
  • Cattle

While fishing is a significant part of the island nation’s financial position, the industry doesn’t bring in substantial foreign exchange.

Exports include copra (dried coconut kernels), kava, beef, timber and cocoa. Imports include foodstuffs, fuels, machinery and equipment.

Financial Services

Financial services industry in VanuatuAn important part of the economy, financial services make Vanuatu a tax haven. In Vanuatu there is no income tax, withholding tax, inheritance tax or capital gains tax. Many international shipping and ship-management companies flag their ships under the Vanuatu flag because of favorable labor laws and tax benefits.

Vanuatu is a member of the International Maritime Organization and is recognized as a “flag of convenience” nation.

File-sharing agencies, including the KaZaA network of Sharman Networks, as well as WinMX, have incorporated in Vanuatu to void legal and regulation challenges.

Getting Investment Citizenship

The first stage involves a Vanuatu Government background check. Once the pre-approval has been given, usually 7-10 days, the complete documentation, with full payment, is submitted. From here, the Citizenship process takes between one- and two-months to complete. Vanuatu has one of the fasts processing times globally.

Important Benefits of Vanuatu Citizenship

Having Vanuatu citizenship brings many advantages. Regardless of the reason for citizenship in Vanuatu, Bukh Global can meet your needs.

Citizenship in Vanuatu hands you global freedom and privacy while traveling. As a citizen, you also enjoy a safe and friendly second home for your family as well as living in a tax efficient nation with zero tax.

Establishing a corporation or banking group, high taxes in your current residence are avoided. Vanuatu is private and remote — the perfect escape.

  • Visa-free travel to 125 nations
  • The sole Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program of its type serving the Asia-Pacific Hemisphere
  • Tax-free nation
  • International offshore financial center — since 1972
  • Strong presence of International banks
  • Simple business and banking start-up procedures
  • Peaceful, stable nation
  • British Commonwealth Member nation
  • Fast and simple application — as short as 45 days
  • Transparent pricing structure
  • Inexpensive real estate includes everything from choice beachfront properties to entire islands
  • Long term and secure land tenure with affordable rental rates
  • Tremendous financial growth prospects and investment opportunities throughout the nation

As each nation’s visa requirements are subject to change, tourists with Vanuatu passports should check the latest requirements of each destination country.

Becoming a Vanuatu Citizen

The first step to becoming a Vanuatu Citizen is to decide.

A ‘pre-approval’ period involving a government background check is required. When that is been completed, all documentation, with full payment, is submitted. The rest of the process only takes 30 to 60 days to complete — one of the fastest globally.

The applicant will be required to meet with the nominating office within the Vanuatu Consulate or in Vanuatu.

There, the applicant is given the Oath of Allegiance and are granted full citizenship and are given their Vanuatu passport.

At the point, the application is entitled to full citizenship benefits and rights and given visa-free travel to 125 nations. The citizenship is for life, is hereditary and does not require a visit to Vanuatu.

Who Can Apply?

  • Anyone with a clean criminal history
  • Business person/investor
  • Perpetual traveler
  • Stateless person
  • Anyone renouncing their current citizenship

Application Process

There are six milestones to becoming a Vanuatu citizen by way of the CIB program. All six must be completed thoroughly and in order.

The applicant, and spouse if applicable, submits a certified and true copy of their existing passport as well as a police report, a copy of their birth certificate and $6,500(USD). This opens the client account and begins the Vanuatu Government’s Due Diligence.

Once the Vanuatu government provides written confirmation of no negative findings, pre-approval is given. The applicant, with the help of Bukh Global, completes the documentation and makes full payment to either a Trust Account or directly to the Vanuatu Information Center, or a government approved agent.

The application is submitted to the Vanuatu government representative. The representative will review the documentations and provide a pre-submission to the Citizenship Commission. The commission meets the last Friday of every month and the application package must be received at least 8 days before the committee meets.

A screening committee reviews the application 24-hours prior to the Citizenship Commission meeting and makes a recommendation.

When the Citizenship Commission ratifies the request, an Agreement in Principle is issued and the process normally takes between 7 and 14 days.

The applicant takes their oath, receives a Certificate of Vanuatu Citizenship and their new passport.


Becoming a Vanuatu Citizen: Fees

Catergory & Cost

(include all
administrative processing fees, filing, certificate and passport acquisition)


Single Applicant 150,000
Married Couple 185,000
Married + 1 Child 200,000
Married + 2 Children 220,000
Additional Dependent 25,000
FIU Due Diligence Fee 5,000
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